Szechuan Cold Noodles

  • PrepTime: 15 Mins
  • CookTime: 5 Mins
  • TotalTime: 20 Mins


  1. 2 serving egg noodles or Alkaline noodles
  2. 1/2 English cucumber ,peeled and shredded (You can use bean sprout too)
  3. 1/2 tbsp. sesame oil
  4. Seasonings

  5. 3 tsp. sugar
  6. 2 tsp. vinegar
  7. 1/2 tbsp. sesame paste
  8. a small pinch of salt
  9. 1 tbsp. light soy sauce
  10. 1 tbsp. Szechuan style chili oil + a slightly more for drizzling ,or as needed
  11. 1 garlic cloves ,smashed and finely chopped
  12. chopped scallion for garnishing
  13. smashed toasted peanuts for garnishing


  1. Set up a steamer with enough water and bring to a boiling.
  2. Spread noodles on a steamer and then steam for 4-5 minutes. Then add a small pinch of salt in the water and then transfer the noodles in the water. Heat until the water boils again.
  3. Transfer out and add 1/2 tablespoon f oil immediately (This will help to avoid the noodles being sticky with each other). Stir to mix well. Use chopsticks to stir the noodles up repeatedly to help the noodles cool down quickly. In hot days, you can even resort to an electric fan.
  4. Cook the noodles according to the instruction on the package. I recommend you only cook the noodles about until 80% cooked.
  5. When the noodles are completely cooled down, add shredded cucumber and all the other seasonings. Mix well and serve cold.
  6. Drizzle some chili oil on top, garnish green onion and roasted peanuts.